A smarter case for your smart phone.

A SensorJacket miniature sensing module transforms your smartphone into a powerful multi-sensing device.

The market for protective phone cases (jackets) is saturated with huge number of designs. The competition is severe and limited by different degrees of protection and aesthetics. All current smartphones have only 3 embedded sensors that seriously limit the applications. To expand the phone capabilities, some companies produce the accessory attachments that shall be connected to the phone every time they are needed. This is impractical and thus not well accepted by the market,

SensorJacket solves this by augmenting the phone capabilities by a "smart" case. We do that by fusing a good protective case, that is an everpresent accessory, with a miniature sensing module. Nothing to carry separately or attach — the additional sensors are always ready, like if they were built into the phone.

SensorJacket elevates a simple phone case onto a new level - the Sensing Module incorporated into a phone case converts it into a "smart" case. The Module allows for a quick and easy customizing smartphones of different brands by augmenting them with additional sensing capabilities.

The currently available Sensing Module is a 1-s non-contact infrared thermometer for medical and general uses. It has clinical accuracy, broad temperature range and low cost.

A low cost casEnse Module is the most efficient way of customizing a smartphone and expanding its functions without any plug-in devices. It communicates with the phone wirelessly and a built-in battery needs no charging or replacing.

The signals sensed by the Module can be processed by various apps installed into a smartphone, combined with images taken by the camera, stored in memory, and transmitted to a remote location.

The Modules are covered by two issued US patents and several international patents pending.

Other Future Applications

  • Thermal imaging (night vision)
  • Blood glucose monitor
  • Breathalizer
  • e-Nose
  • e-Stethoscope
  • Stud-finder
And many more…

See interview with our CEO at Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas

Jacob Fraden, Ph.D


Jacob is an electronic engineer, inventor and entrepreneur. Three of his nearly 60 inventions started Billion dollar industries: the instant ear (tympanic) thermometers, home blood pressure monitors and motion light switches.

He was the founder of Thermoscan Inc. (Thermoscan Ear Thermometers), Advanced Monitors Corp. (veterinary imaging products) and SensorJacket, Inc. From 2006 till 2011Dr. Fraden was Chief Technical Officer of Kaz, Inc. He published over 80 technical papers and two books. His Handbook of Modern Sensors (5 editions) for the last 25 years has been used as a principal textbook on sensors by many universities worldwide. Dr. Fraden teaches the course on sensors at University of California, San Diego.

John Burd, Ph.D


Previously, Dr. Burd was Founder & CEO of Oculir, developing a non-invasive glucose testing technology. Prior to Oculir, Dr. Burd was a General Partner of Windamere Venture Partners and Chairman & CEO of MiraMedica. Dr. Burd was the Founder, President, CEO and Chairman of LXN Corporation, and held executive positions at QUIDEL Corporation. Also, he was Executive VP and COO for MAST Immunosystems, Inc. Dr. Burd has authored and co-authored numerous articles and 23 patents. He graduated from Purdue University with a B.S. in Biochemistry, and earned an M.S. and Ph.D., also in Biochemistry, from the University of Wisconsin.

Yancey Yake


Yancey has over 25 years of hands-on experience in the design and development of new products for industrial and commercial applications. Early in his career, he developed an interest in sensors and their application while designing automated titrators that made their way into large company's such as DuPont and Seimans. Since that time, he has continued to specialize in measurement systems and instrumentation for the water quality industry and Commercial products requiring RF communication (RF Remotes, Zigbee and Bluetooth). In the latter part of his career, Yancey has primarily managed/consulted and worked with inventors to bring new products to market. Some of his prior positions were VP Engineering of Sensor Development Inc., Engineering manager of Mryon L. Company, Senior Software Engineer of Expertise Engineering and Integrated Consultants.He holds BSEE from Cal State Fullerton.